Code of conduct

The Pirelli Group Code of Conduct was approved in its amended version in 2010 by the Board of Directors of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. and represents a guide to good practice in corporate conduct, compliance with the applicable law and regulations in the countries where Pirelli operates, to avoid creating environmental situations that are favourable to the commission of criminal offences. The Code of Conduct sets out the operating application of the Group Ethical Code, specifically in regard to three ambits:

  • in relations with the public administration;
  • in corporate and market disclosures;
  • in relations with internal parties and parties outside the Group.

The Code of Conduct outlines – extesively but not exhaustively - a list of permitted and prohibited conduct. The permitted conduct enjoins compliance with applicable laws and regulations in all countries where Pirelli operates, as well as the rules of conduct to be followed, while the prohibited conduct identifies forbidden activities. The principles and commitments described in the Code of Conduct also apply to relations with suppliers. Therefore, the Code of Conduct is available in the languages spoken by Pirelli Group employees and in those that are most representative of the panel of suppliers. The document is published in the Sustainability section of the Pirelli website.