Equal opportunities statement

The Equal Opportunities Statement sets out the proactive approach taken by Pirelli to equal opportunities in the workplace and career development, while also clearly illustrating the Group’s approach to the development of diversity. It lists the commitments made by Pirelli in this area, as also set out in The Values and Ethical Code, in the Pirelli Group Social Responsibility Policy for Occupational Health, Safety, Rights, Environment and – a priori – the United Nations Global Compact and the SA8000® Standard.

Suppliers are also formally required to comply with the principles and commitments stated in the Declaration, just as they must comply with the Code of Conduct, the Ethical Code and the Group policy on Social Responsibility for Occupational Health, Safety, Rights, Environment. The Statement, which was issued by the Chairman in 2006, has been distributed to all employees in their local language and published in the Sustainability section of the Pirelli institutional website, available to the External Community.

For more details on the management of diversity and equal opportunities at the Company, please see the section dedicated to these topics in Chapter 4 – Social Dimension of this report.