Green sourcing policy

Pirelli issued its Green Sourcing Policy in December 2012.

This document, which was signed by the Chairman, aims to stimulate and promote environmental awareness throughout the supply chain, and promote choices that can reduce the environmental impact of the sourcing of goods and services by Pirelli. The targets of this document are not only Group buyers but also the entire corporate population that can participate in the sourcing chain of a good or service.

The document strongly urges everyone to broaden their perspective as much as possible on the basis of a method that is summed up by “Reduction, Reuse and Recover”, and analysis of all the possibilities for reducing their associated environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain. This is why the term “sourcing” is preferred to “purchasing.”

This Policy highlights the active role taken by Pirelli in the supply chain, and thus by including what is conceived and conceived in-house but outsourced for manufacturing.

The Green Sourcing Policy was defined in highly pragmatic and deliberately specific terms. It cites key words such as:

  • “life cycle” – which is the only approach taken by the Group so that it may decide on the basis of complete and inclusive analyses;
  • “Reduction, Reuse and Recovery” – these are the macro-categories that determine how the impact of a good or service is reduced.

The Policy explicitly requires that guidelines for implementation of the imposed principles be drafted.

Therefore, interdepartmental working groups were created in 2013, headed by the Quality, Sustainability and Purchasing Departments, which produced:

  • the“Pirelli Green Sourcing Manual”, an internal document containing operating Guidelines, intended to guide the activities of the Pirelli functions involved in the Green Sourcing process;
  • the “Pirelli Green Purchasing Guidelines”, a document targeting Pirelli suppliers, to be part of the Supply Agreement, based on the Green Sourcing Manual, which contains the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to assess Suppliers’ Green Performance.

For more information about the sustainable management of the supply chain, reference is made to the section “Our suppliers” in this report.