Social responsibility policy for occupational health, safety, rights and environment

The Policy formally affirms Pirelli’s adhesion to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, to the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, from which the principles of the Global Compact are derived.

The commitments set out in the Policy are based on the cited regulations, declarations and convention, and thus the United Nations Global Compact and the contents of the International Standard SA8000®.

The latter officially adopted by the Company in 2004 as the principal benchmark for management of its own Social Responsibility.

Suppliers are also formally required to comply with the principles and commitments stated in the Policy, just as they must comply with the Code of Conduct and the Ethical Code.

The Policy, issued in 2004 and updated and signed by the Chairman in 2009, has been distributed to all employees in their local language and published in the Sustainability section of the Pirelli website, not only in the languages spoken by employees but also in those that are most representative of the panel of suppliers.