Customer focus

Customer focus is the pivotal element of Pirelli Group Values and Ethical Code , and it is based on Pirelli’s continuous commitment in terms of:

  • comprehension of the market context in which the Group operates;
  • consideration of the impact of the Group’s actions and behaviour on the customer;
  • exploitation of every opportunity offered by doing business to satisfy the customer’s needs;
  • “anticipation” of customer needs;
  • top product quality, in addition to excellence of production systems and processes;
  • constant focus on performance to satisfy customer performance and safety expectations;
  • excellence and competitiveness on the market to offer customers quality products and services that provide an efficient response to their demands.

The above commitments are also set out in the General Conditions of Supply applied by Group companies.

In accordance with the mentioned focus on customer care, Pirelli also adopted a clear procedure to grant a feedback to any customer claim. Drafted in the form of internal, interdepartmental rules, it requires giving immediate responses to complainants.