Quality procedures and policy

In 2011 the effects of the new Group premium strategy led to definition of a new quality strategy, named Premium Quality, which is focused on each of the four identified areas of the value chain.

Premium Quality

The analytical process then began in 2012, so that the organisation would have an adequate organisational structure for the quality standard to be pursued and to identify and undertake projects for improvement to be undertaken in each of the four areas.

In 2013, various activities were undertaken that focused on the quality perceived by the customer, extending the scope of investigation worldwide and expanding the range of the various product lines under observation. This activity began in 2012 with 586 indepth market visits and nine reports on the products in all product lines. Following the satisfying results realised with the winter product line, for example, this activity expanded in 2013 to 1,433 in-depth market visits on all continents, resulting in 15 detailed reports providing top management with important information of significance for the entire value chain.

The global Quality Week, held November 11-15 at all Pirelli sites, offered the occasion for promoting quality culture in the Group, the Premium Quality strategy to all employees and invited outside guests, and letting the “customer’s” voice be heard inside the Group.

The organised visits to Group customers Ducati and Maserati were great successes. The most significant comment made by one of the participants emphasised that “the duided tour let me feel the passion of Ducati for motorcycles, which perfectly matches our history and passion for motorcycles and racing”.

The interviews of important automotive customers also aroused special interest. Their testimonials highlighted their expectations of Pirelli products, the service it offers and its spirit of collaboration.

Quality Week was celebrated with 257 events in the Pirelli world and 19,112 participants.

An important event was Quality Celebration Day (Thursday, November 14). Reciting the slogan “We All Make Quality”, the Quality Manager introduced the premium quality value stream to the Board of Directors and other participants.

Two events involving a blind test were also held on the theme of improving customer knowledge and awareness: “SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK – Let’s find out what defects customers complain about” and “LET’S TAKE A LOOK! – A simulation of factory quality control”. They were a big success and greatly appreciated by employees. These events proved to be very useful in highlighting the product quality characteristics that customers expect.