Training of suppliers on sustainability issues

Following the training project targeting strategic suppliers provided in the e-learning format during 2012, Pirelli extended the same sessions to all Group security service providers worldwide during 2013.

Expansion of the scope of this project to security service providers involved the participation of suppliers located in the United Kingdom and in Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, China, Romania and Turkey.

The activity involved elements of labour law, human rights, respect for the environment and business ethics.

The tool used for training was a platform specifically developed for this purpose by the Pirelli Group.

After receiving a personal ID and password, the supplier could connect with the online platform and participate in training activities at any time. The course included very practical examples toallow participants to easily check their company level of compliance with the various ESG issues. To determine the effectiveness of e-learning, a mandatory test was also included, which the participants had to pass at the end of the session.