Environmental management system and monitoring of environmental performance

Pirelli has adopted ISO 14001 since 1997 as the benchmark standard for its Environmental Management Systems. In 2013 all Pirelli Tyre industrial production sites and the tyre testing ground at Vizzola Ticino have pursued continuous improvement of their environmental performance by using Environmental Management Systems certified in accordance with ISO 14001. The sole exception is represented by the Russian site at Voronezh, which entered the scope of reporting this year. Implementation of the Environmental Management System has begun at that site, and it will be certified in 2014. The international standard ISO 14001 was adopted by Pirelli in 1997, and since 2011 all certificates have been given further SAS international accreditation (the Swiss Accreditation Service that assesses and accredits compliance assessment entities – laboratories, inspection and certification bodies).

Group policy mandates implementation and certification in accordance with ISO 14001. As such, it is also applied to new facilities. The certification activity, together with control and maintenance of previously implemented and certified systems, is coordinated on a centralised basis by the Health, Safety and Environment Department.

The environmental, health and safety performance of every tyre business production site is monitored with the web-based Health, Safety and Environment Data Management (HSE-DM) system, which is processed and managed centrally by the Health, Safety and Environment Department. Pirelli has also completed the CSR-DM (CSR Data Management) IT system for managing Group sustainability information, which is used to consolidate the economic, environmental and social performance of all Group business units worldwide. Both systems support consolidation of the performance accounted for in this report.