Other businesses

Pirelli Ambiente

This business operates in the field of sustainable mobility and renewable energy sources. This entity results from merger of the activities of Pirelli Eco Technology S.p.A. and Pirelli Ambiente S.p.A. In regard to the activities contributed by Pirelli Eco Technology, Pirelli makes, sells and markets products developed for the control of pollution emissions: FEELPURE™ antiparticulate filters and systems.

The activities taken over from Pirelli Ambiente offer solutions for sustainable development as part of energy issues. In this sector, Pirelli produces CDR-P, a quality fuel derived from solid urban waste. Pirelli also owns an indirect minority stake in the listed Danish company Greentech Energy Systems A/S, which operates in the renewable energy sector – wind power and photovoltaic energy.


With the PZero project Pirelli decided in 2002 to enter the world of industrial design of clothing. The attention and care dedicated to researching cutting-edge materials and technological solutions, both in terms of design and eco-friendliness, represent the Pirelli Premium and green performance strategy also within PZero.