Principal Sustainability Targets 2013-2017 with selected target to 2020

In accordance to the new Industrial Plan presented in London on November 6th, 2013. It updates and fortifies the previous 2012-2014 plan.

Economics Deadline
Green Performance tyre revenues on total tyre revenues: 48% 2017
R&D investments on Premium products equal to 7% of Premium net sales recurrent
Growth in the business segments with the highest value - Premium: 60% of Car revenues 2016
Growing investment in risk mitigation and prevention of business interruption: CAGR -8.3% vs. 2013 2017
Investors and Financial Community
Communication focused on highlighting the progressive implementation of the Industrial Plan recurrent
Steady increase in road shows dedicated to Social Responsible Investors recurrent
Supplier Award - sustainable performance integrated in rating recurrent
New ESG audits on suppliers identified with the Risk Assessment recurrent
Green Purchasing Guidelines: diffusion and implementation among key suppliers and inclusion of new KPIs in the vendor rating 2014/2015
Engagement activity on ESG high value projects recurrent
CDP Supply Chain: monitoring and engagement activity on suppliers 2014/recurrent
On-going innovation of products: 14 new lines of Car products, 21 of Moto products and 11 of Truck products 2017
Market release of the second version of Cyber Tyre 2015
Customer Satisfaction survey recurrent
Extension to all markets of on-line training platform Tyre Campus - The Road to Success, devoted to Dealers (already spread to Pirelli main markets in 2013) 2014
Specific energy consumption -18% vs. 2009 2020
Specific CO2 equivalents emissions -15% vs. 2009 2020
Specific water withdrawal -58% vs. 2009 2020
Waste recovery ratio >95% 2020
ISO 14001 certification of Voronezh (Russia) 2014
Expansion of Pirelli technology to produce silica from risk husks in Latin America 2017
Expected results of research on alternative sources of natural rubber (guayule - project conducted with Versalis - ENI Group) 2016
Diffusion of the use of innovative, function-enhancing polymers to reduce environmental impact, improve driving safety and process efficiency 2015
Average Rolling Resistance of CAR tyres -40% vs. 2007 2020
Average Rolling Resistance of TRUCK tyres -20% vs. 2007 2020
Average Rolling Resistance of MOTO tyres -10% vs. 2007 2020
Focus on employee welfare recurrent
Group Opinion Survey recurrent
OHSAS18001 certification of Voronezh and Kirov (Russia) 2014
Implementation and consolidation of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS), LockOut tagOut (LOTO), Point of Work Risk Assessment (POWRA) systems 2015
Employee training: maintaining 7 average days pro-capita recurrent
New Sustainability Audits at Pirelli sites performed by Group Internal Audit function recurrent
Green Performance Tyres revenues su totale vendite Tyre: 48% 2020
External Community
Continual pro-activity for the dissemination of good sustainability practices at the local and international level (through UN Global Compact LEAD Programme, CSR Europe, World Business Council For Sustainable Development, EU-OSHA, etc.) recurrent
Information and training campaigns into road safety, youth sport and training programs recurrent
Proactive participation to the creation of the "Natural Rubber Sustainability" Standard, together with the IRSG working group recurrent