Company initiatives for the external community

Since it was founded in 1872, Pirelli has been aware that it plays a major role in promoting civil progress in all communities where it operates. Consistently with the Ethical Code and the Group Social Responsibility Policy for Occupational Health, Safety, Rights, and Environment, Pirelli has developed a global strategy for protection of the territory, supporting health, education and training, environmental, cultural and sport initiatives.

Aware of the importance of contributing to the community by capitalising on the natural strengths of the Company, Pirelli has identified three areas of focus. The Company plays an important role in the transport sector, and particular in regard to transportation safety.

The four tyres mounted on a vehicle represent the only tangible contact between the vehicle and the road. So, tyre safety is fundamental and of the greatest importance. The experience of Pirelli in the field of road safety has led it to sharing its focus and expertise with stakeholders, i.e. the driving world.

The second area where Pirelli can make a special contribution is technical training. In the countries where it operates, especially in emerging markets, Pirelli possesses technical know-how that can be used as leverage for development of the community.

Industrialisation requires training, and good training can become a driver of economic growth. In certain cases, Pirelli has to provide the instruction that its own new hires or future hires need, but in other cases Pirelli contributes to the community and, more in general, offers know-how that is key to development of the area.

Pirelli is now present in many countries undergoing rapid development. Many of its factories have brought jobs to poor communities, where it is important to contribute to children’s growth even before it is possible to work on their technical skills. Children can find a supportive community and important lifelong values through social programmes focused on sport. As a sponsor of professional and amateur sport activities for over a century, Pirelli has know-how that it easily re-proposes in the field of social solidarity. In particular, Pirelli is the principal sponsor of the FC Internazionale Milano soccer team. Through the company Inter Futura, it has created an important network of sports and solidarity activities for disadvantage children around the world. Pirelli sponsors these activities in several markets. In other markets, the Company supports other soccer activities or other sports like basketball or baseball.

Pirelli has adopted an internal procedure for years to regulate the distribution of gifts, contributions and payments to the External Community by Group companies and in relation to the roles and responsibilities of the functions involved, the operational process of planning, realising and monitoring the initiatives and making disclosures about these projects.

A key contribution to the initiatives satisfying local requirements is made by the dialogue with locally operating NGOs. Priority is given to those initiatives whose positive effects on the External Community are tangible and measurable according to objective criteria.

The internal procedure also specifies that no initiatives may be taken in favour of beneficiaries for whom there is direct or indirect evidence of violation of human rights, worker rights, environmental protection or business ethics.

As envisaged in the “Pirelli Values and Ethical Code”, the Pirelli Group “does not provide contributions, advantages, or other benefits to political parties or trade union organizations, or to their representatives or candidates, this without prejudice to its compliance with any relevant legislation.”

road safety

Pirelli is synonymous worldwide not only with high performance, but also safety. Together with environmental protection, road safety is the key element of the Green Performance strategy that inspires the Group’s industrial and commercial choices. Pirelli’s commitment to road safety takes the form of numerous training and awareness-raising activities, but above all in terms of research and the ongoing application of innovative technological solutions for sustainable transport.

The importance of taking action cannot be underestimated. This is why, when it agreed to renew the exclusive supply agreement with the FIA Formula One World Championship, Pirelli and the Federation agreed to discuss the procedures for partnership in the area of highway safety as part of the FIA Action for Road Safety programme.

As a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Pirelli also wants to assume a responsible leadership role. The Company is active in the Mobility 2.0 working group, an ambitious project that is developing pilot projects in several cities around the world, identifying and implementing sustainable mobility solutions.

Pirelli is also highly focused on the road accident reduction objectives identified by the European Commission in the European Road Safety Charter, of which the Company is a signatory with the following undertakings:

  • contribute to consumer awareness of the fundamental aspects of road safety, through the safe driver experience, in France for example, and through partnership with driving schools, in Italy and Germany, for example;
  • increase young drivers’ awareness of the causes of road accidents, through demonstration crash tests (pilot project in France);
  • provide material on winter road safety, with the support of the Pirelli website (potential reach of 9 million users worldwide in one year);
  • organise training seminars for driving school owners and instructors on the elements of road safety that are directly related to the tyre and its use (pilot project in Germany);
  • train dealers at the international level about the importance of tyres in road safety, the differences between winter tyre performance and summer tyre performance, etc. The activity has already engaged 15 countries and will engage another eight in 2014;
  • actively participate in national road safety programmes, in collaboration with associations, institutions, automotive and motorcycle makers.

In regard to heavy vehicle transport, in 2013 Pirelli Truck continued the activities it had already undertaken in previous years related to sustainable mobility and road safety. Special mention should be made of the Driving Innovation events (the first held in Munich, March 10-12, 2013, the second in Istanbul on October 3, and finally the third in São Paulo, from October 28 to November 1), where the invited customers, who were both operators in the tyre business and transport fleet operators, were treated to in-depth discussions on issues related to transport safety and proper tyre maintenance (with a special focus on the CyberFleet system, the latest Pirelli innovation for precise control of tyre pressure and temperature), and participation at the Environmental Sustainability in Freight Transport seminar organised by Green Freight Europe held on May 10, 2013 at the University of Cranfield in the United Kingdom.

Pirelli Moto dedicated great attention to road safety in 2013, for example with the Bikers Academy, a training course for the youths enrolled at driving schools belonging to Unasca and Confarca to obtain the “young driver’s license” and “A1 driver’s license”, sponsored by Confindustria ANCMA, Associazione Vittime della Strada, the Italian Senate, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament (where press conference for presentation of the project was held).

This project was organised with the aim of promoting the safe use of scooters and motorcycles for oneself and for others. For this reason, Pirelli Moto (acting under the Metzeler brand) supplied materials and information that explained the proper use and maintenance of motorcycle and scooter tyres.

Metzeler has in turn made it a priority to promote training programmes on the role of tyres as a means to improve motorcycle driving safety.

With the goal of reaching as many motorcyclists as possible, numerous collaboration agreements were signed with on-road and off-road European driving schools, and in particular:

  • in Germany with Action Team, ADAC – Ressort Motorsport, BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Hechlingen, BMW Motorrad Race Academy;
  • in the United Kingdom with BMW Motorrad Off Road Skills;
  • in France with ZEBRA, EASYMONNERET, H2S;
  • in Spain with BMW Motorrad Enduropark Aras Rural;
  • in Italy with BMW Motorrad GS Academy.

Pirelli also sponsors specific programmes in certain countries around the world to improve awareness of road safety. Pirelli conducts information and training campaigns in Italy to improve the awareness of Italian motorists and, in particular, new license holders and middle and high school students. Part of this project involved producing an educational video on road safety in collaboration with the Police.

In Romania Pirelli conducted a road safety programme at the high school level. In Turkey, the Company launched a wide-ranging educational project at university level in collaboration with the local office of the World Health Organization, the General Directorate on Safety and the universities to create e-learning courses on road safety. The course for university credits, Traffic is Life – Traffic Safety, was introduced at seven universities, with more than 5,000 students enrolling in it.

The Ciclovias Amigas programme was launched in Brazil to raise awareness about traffic and road safety regulation topics, by presenting stage plays for public school students and several needier schools.

Pirelli organised a rally at Kirov in Russia to promote safe driving, with about 2,000 spectators. Pirelli also sponsored a day with the slogan “Kirov is the friendly driver city”.


The promotion of technical education and training are very old values that are well-established in the history of Pirelli.

Pirelli continues to benefit from technical and research cooperation with various universities around the world, beginning with the Milan and Turin Polytechnic Universities, and also the Shandong University in China and the University of Craiova in Romania, among others. Technical training is particularly important for Pirelli, including but not only in terms of creating a pool of skilled labour needed to optimise productivity in its factories..

Internally, Pirelli uses its own resources to optimise training, as in the case of the workers for the new factory in Mexico trained at Slatina in Romania.

Externally, Pirelli has supported projects in the communities where it operates for technical training useful to create a good balance between labour supply and demand.

In Egypt Pirelli launched a major project for developing the Al Amreya Industrial Secondary School. As well as committing itself to full renovation of the facilities, from the sewers to the classrooms, Pirelli provided a complete training course for instructors and developed a curriculum based on various specialisations: refrigeration and air conditioning, electronics and electric power, and construction. About 550-600 students enrol in the courses every year.

In Turkey a large number of teaching programmes are offered by expert Pirelli volunteers in technical schools, together with the sponsorship of Pirelli schools. The Merlo, Argentina factory hosts students for technical trainin, while Pirelli operates an internship programme in Yanzhou, China.

In Romania, aside from collaboration with the University of Craiova, the Slatina technical college offers training programmes at the Pirelli factory. Other programmes include the Romanian START project for training in manufacturing processes, with the participation of 112 students and nearly 30,000 hours of training offered by Pirelli.

In Russia the Company collaborates with the Voronezh State Technological University, training students in specific courses and inviting them to the factory for on-site training. About 100 students participated in the programme in 2013.

sport and social responsibility

There is a close link between solidarity and sport, in a virtuous circle where commitment to sports becomes synonymous with the commitment to promoting solidarity and ethics, especially amongst young people. Getting young people involved in sport is a way to teach the notion of integration to children from different social groups, and helps prevent negative situations like isolation and solitude.

Since 2008, FC Internazionale Milano, Pirelli and Comunità Nuova have been running the “Inter Campus” social project in Slatina, Romania. The sports and recreational activities are organised for the entire year, with the participation of over 80 children from different social contexts who have been learning the values of team work, social integration and friendship through soccer for over two years.

In 2012 Pirelli and FC Internazionale Milano replicated the experience with Inter Campus at Silao, Mexico, near the new Pirelli factory. The Inter Campus Silao, inaugurated by President Felipe Calderon, is attended by 150 local children.

In 2013 the Company sponsored the Pirelli Cup 2013 in Argentina, an important national summer soccer tournament. The election of Pope Francis, from Argentina, prompted an soccer event to promote peace, sponsored by Pirelli. This is an interfaith event for peace, based on the concept of inclusive education and against discrimination, with the PUPI Onlus foundation. Pirelli also sponsors baseball in Venezuela through the Pirelli Baseball School, which is attended by more than 300 children and teenagers; basketball, volleyball, soccer and motorsport in Brazil; and basketball in Spain, to mention but a few.

In the United States, Pirelli sponsored the Citizens Committee for New York City for all of 2013, with the Pirelli Fun & Fit project, while financing various social sports projects.

In the United Kingdom, Pirelli organises a rally in Carlisle for the Richard Burns Foundation, which assists victims of serious illnesses or accidents.

In Russia Pirelli ha organised an ice hockey tournament, where it promoted “healthy living”.


The inclusive approach taken by Pirelli to involvement and inclusion takes the form of social solidarity worldwide.

The Company supports educational programmes that can give less fortunate children the tools to escape poverty. It contributes scholarships and research projects, firmly believing in training as key to individual growth and the economic growth of a country.

In Brazil, for example, where Pirelli has been historically active in the local community with social projects, the Company provided for about 450 children in the city of Feira de Santana, near the Pirelli factory, in an after-school programme with 15 different types of activities. Similar projects are offered near the factories in Gravatai and Sumaré, and Pirelli has continued to provide support to the Projeto Guri, a project to give musical instrument and singing lessons to 230 children from the poorest families in Campinas and Elias Fausto in São Paulo.

Pirelli also supports Aliança da Misericórdia, an orphanage in São Paulo that offers shelter to 300 orphans and homeless children, as well as the Dr. Klaide Nursery in Santo André and Escadinha do Tempo in Meleiros.

Since 2013 Pirelli has been providing support to the Centro de Convivência Santa Dorotéia in Grajaú, and specifically computer courses combined with drug awareness education.

Pirelli supports the Fundació Mambre in Spain, a foundation that operates as facilitator in social inclusion processes, supporting homeless people on their individual growth paths. Its goal is to create dwelling solutions. The Company also sponsor programmes to provide food to needy families.

In China Pirelli provides support to the poorest families in the community with donations of rice and oil. In Russia, the employees at the Kirov factory gave support to an orphanage, by organising activities and gifts for the children there. They also organised activities for war veterans. In another charity project, Pirelli employees in Kirov have committed themselves to building a sports field for local children.

In France the Company contributed to the Special Olympics, in Turkey it contributed to a foundation for the education and protection of mentally disturbed children, while in Romania it contributed to a home for disabled youths.

In the United Kingdom Pirelli made a donation to the YMCA in support of the homeless, and in the United States consumers have been involved in a marketing project with donations to the NGO Make a Wish, which realises little dreams for children with terminal illnesses. In Brazil Pirelli supports Educandario Imaculado Coracao de Maria in Amélia Rodrigues, an elementary school run by Italian nuns and attended by 1,100 children.

In Turkey the Company provides support for ad hoc programmes at the Turk Pirelli Primary School and the Turk Pirelli High School, such as renovation of the school gym.

Under the coordination of the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry in Turkey, a school was built in Gölcük, the new Gölcük Dumlupınar School.

In particular, Pirelli and 16 of its own suppliers collaborated on the construction of a schoolroom. The school opened in May 2013, with 34 schoolrooms and 900 students.

Special mention must be made of the recent agreement between Pirelli and Qufu Normal University in China: Pirelli will finance 25 excellent students from poor backgrounds so that they can complete their studies.


Pirelli considers contributing to improving the health services of the communities where it operates to be a priority.

Since 2008 Pirelli Tyres Romania, in collaboration with the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, has supported the professional training of medical and nursing professionals and the donation of medical equipment and devices to Slatina Hospital. Over 120 professionals, who annually care for more than 40,000 patients, were trained in this programme, and specifically in oncology, paediatric care and emergency care. Pirelli Tyres Romania has also provided dental treatment to around 350 children in Slatina and Bals through the project Overland for Smile.

Since 2010 Pirelli has supported the Pequeno Principe Hospital in Curitiba, the biggest paediatric hospital in Brazil. In Argentina Pirelli has sponsored a marathon in support of children who had tumours, and a flu vaccination campaign. In the United Kingdom, Pirelli has been involved in a long series of initiatives, sponsorships, fund raising and donations on behalf of research and tumour, paediatric, eye, cardiology and diabetes treatment.

environmental initiatives

Many Pirelli employees around the world enthusiastically participate every year in Pirelli environmental projects. In Venezuela the company organised a large group of volunteers to clear beaches and adjacent areas. “Let’s do it Romania” is an important project organised by Pirelli in conjunction with the municipality of Slatina, which recruited 350 volunteers to clean up brownfield sites and restore nature. In China Pirelli employees committed themselves to planting trees in the Friendship Forest project. In Mexico Pirelli signed an important agreement with the government of Guanajuato for a reforestation project. Pirelli Mexico has also committed itself to cleaning up and restoring a river bed in the area. In Russia, 300 Pirelli workers participated in a voluntary cleaning day in the Voronezh area, and another 300 workers did the same in the Kirov area. For the Earth Day celebration on April 22, Pirelli decided to offset the CO2 emissions produced by its own fleet with carbon credits generated by the Bolivia Project. The direct result of the new car policy adopted by Pirelli in December 2011, this initiative promotes the choice of vehicles that have lower environmental impact and supports a project to save forests and the populations that live there.

culture and social value

The international character of Pirelli is also visible in its love for culture, with initiatives that were undertaken in many countries around the world during 2013. Its attention to culture, and even more its commitment to preserve, disseminate and cultivate it, are an integral part of the creation of social value.

Pirelli is one of the sponsors of the São Paulo Modern Art Museum, one of the most important museums in Latin America. Aside from its permanent collection, the museum organises important exhibits, seminars, events and courses during the year. At the MASP – São Paulo Art Museum – the Company has sponsored the photography biennale. At Rio de Janeiro in 2012, Pirelli supported an important exhibition of European portraits from the 16th-18th centuries from the collections of the Vatican Museums and other Italian museums. In Argentina Pirelli sponsored the Lucio Fontana art prize, and in Spain a programme for especially talented design students.

The Mozarteum project, which presents great international classical music orchestras, was sponsored by Pirelli in both Brazil and in Argentina, at the famous Teatro Colon. In Turkey Pirelli sponsored a jazz concert at the Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation.

In Brazil Pirelli also sponsored two movie productions on the theme of challenges by disabled artists, and a television programme on consumer and handicapped persons’ rights.

In many countries Pirelli is conducting a small mission, as an Italian multinational company, to protect and disseminate Italian culture abroad. Consequently, Pirelli sponsors the Italian theatre in Romania, Italian cinema programmes in Brazil and the United Kingdom, Italian song in Argentina, and in New York Pirelli sponsored a prize at the Italian Cultural Institute for the best young designers, with a show on Park Avenue.

In regard to the conservation of local cultures, Pirelli underwrites research on Confucianism in China by supporting the China Confucius Website.

In Brazil, Pirelli itself will organise restoration of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, the right hand of which was damaged by lightning in 2014.

pirelli foundation

One of the missions of the “Fondazione Pirelli”, or Pirelli Foundation, established in 2009, is the preservation of the Group’s historic and cultural heritage and the promotion of its corporate culture through local initiatives and projects having a strong social impact, exhibition activities, as well as collaborations with other cultural institutions.

Numerous projects were carried out again in 2013 to develop and promote the Pirelli archives.

In particular, these included:

  • “Pirelli e l’Italia in movimento. Ricerca e tecnologia, il Cinturato conquista i mercati del mondo”, (Pirelli and Italy in Motion. Research and Technology, the Cinturato Conquers World Markets), an exhibition created to provide the public with some of the advertising material that was restored in 2013, including the renowned 1968 Cinturato Campaign by Pino Tovaglia.
  • Loan of materials from the Pirelli Historic Archive. The participation of the Foundation in exhibitions and publications both domestically and internationally expanded from 2012, through the lending of materials. A total of 2,424 loans were made, including: 518 for exhibits and events, 277 for publications and 1,297 for study and research.
  • Participation in the Business Culture Week (November 2013). These initiatives, aimed at promoting and developing historic Pirelli sites and its cultural heritage, were: the exhibition organised at the Foundation premises, “Sulla sponda del Nilo” (On the Shore of the Nile) dedicated to works created by Renato Guttuso for Pirelli; the special opening and guided tour of the Pirelli Foundation, at the Bicocca degli Arcimboldi and at the HangarBicocca; a Sunday dedicated to creative courses for children. These various initiatives attracted the participation of 470 persons, including 120 children.
  • To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pirelli Calendar, the Foundation provided support for historic reconstruction of the 1986 Calendar by Helmut Newton.

In October 2013 the exhibition “L’anima di gomma – estetica e tecnica al passo con la moda” (“The Soul of Rubber – Aesthetics and Technique Keep Up with Fashion”, held at the Milan Triennale in June 2011) won the prestigious Red Dot Award “Best Of The Best” 2013 in the Communication Design category, which is one of the most important prizes of its kind in the world.

The exhibition also made it to the short list for the Premio Adi Compasso d’oro prize.

Just as many programmes having a direct social impact were organised, including the following:

  • the Fondazione Pirelli Educational project, rolled out in October 2013 and aimed at students in elementary schools and I and II grade secondary schools, with the aim of bringing young people closer to the world of production and work and the values on which the Pirelli business culture is based. Through creative courses and lab activities, children and youths confront topics such as: the history and technology of tyres, graphics and advertising, urban transformation, and the relationship between art and science (in collaboration with HangarBicocca). About 26 classes have visited the Foundation between October 2013 and now, for a total of more than 600 children and youths;
  • educational activities for university students (about 250) from different universities and specialist school;
  • support with the preparation of the university degree thesis for university students nearing graduation. Twenty-seven students conducted research in 2013 at the Pirelli Historic Archive, for preparation of the final thesis in their course of studies;
  • the inter-generational project “Il tempo dell’uomo: lavoro e no” (Man’s Time: Work and Not), launched in 2013 by the Pirelli Foundation and HangarBicocca, aims to assist children in a course to recover the historic memory of Zone 9 in Milan through the direct testimony of local old residents. This objective is flanked by the desire to contribute to developing and enlivening cultural life in Zone 9 of Milan by engaging senior citizens in HangarBicocca activities. The project will be developed in 2014.

Then, since 2010 the Foundation has had a seat of the Board of Trustees of the Scuola dell’Infanzia G.B. Pirelli kindergarten in Varenna, Province of Lecco, just as it actively supports the the activities of the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Leopoldo Pirelli high school in Rome, where the annual Premio Leopoldo Pirelli prize was established in 2011, and reserved as a scholarship for particularly worthy students. Pirelli also continues its collaboration with the Fondazione Agnelli and the Fondazione Garrone in the Associazione per la Formazione d’Eccellenza.

Altogether, 4,850 researchers, students, artists, historians and designers visited the Foundation headquarters and conducted research at the Pirelli Historic Archive in 2013.

The development and promotion of the enormous artistic heritage of the Group also relies on digital communication. Aside from the website, the Foundation constantly updates its own Facebook page, which has 4,600 followers.


Pirelli HangarBicocca is an institution dedicated to contemporary art. It offers a programme of exhibitions by the greatest Italian and international artists, accompanied by a calendar dedicated to the public, youths and schools. The project was created in 2012, in the conviction that contemporary art is a fertile field for research, experimentation and critical reflection on the most important themes of contemporary life. These are values that have been part of the Pirelli corporate culture for over 140 years.

A very large number of visitors was recorded in 2013: over 276,800 visits and a sharp increase in the number of foreign visitors (+20%).

In addition to the communication material available to visitors and obtainable at the exhibition space, a revamping of HangarBicocca digital communication was launched in September 2013.

The artistic programming in 2013 brought high-profile international artists to HangarBicocca, attracting the attention not only of art lovers and art experts, but also families and students. Five exhibitions were presented:

  • Tomás Saraceno, On Space Time Foam, 140,000 visitors;
  • Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Primitive, 21,405 visitors;
  • Mike Kelley, Eternity is a long time, 32,503 visitors;
  • Ragnar Kjartansson, The Visitors, 55,938 visitors;
  • Dieter Roth Björn Roth, Islands (counting only the first two months of exhibition in 2013), about 27,000 visitors.

The vocation of Pirelli HangarBicocca is also that of a place open to the city and its hinterland, whose normal exhibition activity is accompanied by a range of programmes and activities intended to attract even the non-specialised public to contemporary art.

With a busy calendar of events, guided tours of the exhibition space and neighbourhood, screenings and meetings with leading figures from the art and culture world, HangarBicocca now offers different types of visitors the possibility of learning more about topical issues specifically related to contemporary art and its expressions.

Different events were held in 2013, dedicated to discovery of the city, knowledge about the most remote corners of the earth, the screening of documentaries, feature length films, unpublished films, and even fund-raising on behalf of NGOs. About 8,000 persons participated at these events, including about 600 children.

HangarBicocca created the Hb Kids programme for the youngest children. It offers creative and laboratory activities to introduce children aged 4 through 10 to the languages of contemporary art.

In 2013, 435 creative projects were presented, attracting over 8,000 visitors.

For students from all types and level of schools, HangarBicocca conceived the HB School programme, which complements traditional art education with a methodology inspired by the principle of educating with art.

In 2013 the programme had the participation of over 3,500 students, for a total of about 130 classes.

HangarBicocca received recognition in 2013 from the most important international museum institutions and official organs of culture. These include: Tate Modern di in London, Shcontemporary in Shanghai, The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, MMK in Frankfurt, the Fondazione Prada of Milan, the Carmignac Foundation in Paris, the Trussardi Foundation in Milan, Royal College of Art in London, Getty Center in Los Angeles, Biennale in Taipei, Mart in Rovereto, Madre in Naples, Goldsmiths in London, Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, Garage in Moscow, NYU in New York, Fondazione Magistretti in Milan and the Haus der Kultuern der Welt in Berlin.

Mention must also be made of the partnership agreements signed with public and private institutions, with the aim of improving the panorama of cultural activities on offer in the local area. The relationship with the Culture Department of the City of Milan also continues on the basis of the agreement made in 2012.

With regards to support for culture and art in general, in 2013 partnerships and collaborations continued between the Pirelli Group and the Pinacoteca di Brera, the Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, FAI, the Piccolo Teatro of Milan, the Franco Parenti Theatre, the MiTo Festival, the Italian Chamber Orchestra led by maestro Salvatore Accardo, the Lezioni di Storia initiative organised by Laterza Editore, and the Villa Arconati Festival.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the work generated by HangarBicocca in 2013: the staging of exhibitions and all events and initiatives involved 32 local businesses and generated 51,600 man days of work.