Internal Community

“The Pirelli Group recognizes the crucial importance of human resources, in the belief that the key to success in any business is the professional input of the people that work for it in a climate of fairness and mutual trust. The Pirelli Group safeguards health, safety and industrial hygiene in the workplace, both through management systems that are continually improving and developing and by promoting an approach to health and safety based on prevention and the effective handling of occupational risk. The Pirelli Group consider respect for workers’ rights as fundamental to the business. Working relationships are managed by placing particular emphasis on equal opportunity, on furthering each person’s career development, and on turning their diversity to account by creating a multicultural working environment.”

(The Values and Ethical Code – “Human Resources”)


“The Pirelli Group pursues and supports compliance with internationally proclaimed human rights. Pirelli considers protection of the integrity, health and welfare of its employees and the environment as one of the primary needs to be satisfied in organizing and developing its activities. The Group’s sustainable development strategies pursue various objectives, including continuous improvement in the environmental and occupational health and safety conditions affected by its own activities, in firm compliance with and support of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” the “International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work,” the “Rio Declaration on Environment and Development” and the “United Nations Convention against Corruption.” To these ends, the Pirelli Group is committed to:

  • management of its activities by adopting occupational health, safety and rights and environmental policies in compliance with the highest international standards;
  • the dissemination occupational health, safety and labour rights and environmental information to its internal and external stakeholders, both by communicating with them and actively co-operating with national and international government and academic bodies;
  • promoting use of the most advanced technologies to achieve excellence in occupational health and safety and environmental protection; [...]
  • not using or supporting the use of child labour and forced labour;
  • ensuring equal opportunity, freedom of association and promotion of the development of each individual;
  • opposing the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal abuse;
  • compliance with applicable laws and industry standards on working hours.” [...]

(Pirelli “Social Responsibility Policy for Occupational Health, Safety and Rights, and Environment”)


"The Pirelli Group has been and remains firmly committed to compliance with the principles of Equal Opportunities in the workplace, without any form of discrimination on the basis of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, union membership, colour, ethnic origins, nationality, age or disability.”
“The Pirelli Group is committed to the prevention of discrimination in all areas of working life, including selection and all decisions related to remuneration, professional status, the assignment of responsibilities, training and career development. All such decisions are made solely and exclusively on the basis of the competencies, experience and professional potential that individuals possess and the results that they achieve.”

(Group Equal Opportunities Statement)


The above principles of the Ethical Code are discussed in detail in the Group Social Responsibility Policy for Occupational Health, Safety, Rights and Environment.

The commitments made by Pirelli in its Social Responsibility Policy are inspired by the SA8000® standard, which for years has been the benchmark tool for management of Group Social Responsibility, by the United Nations Global Compact, to which Pirelli has subscribed since 2004, and by the ISO 26000 Guidelines.