Group opinion survey


Over the years Pirelli has introduced and affirmed attitudinal surveys as a tool for actively listening to its own employees. The first global survey targeting white collar employees, conducted in 2008, was characterised by a high level of participation. This signalled the interest of Pirelli employees in expressing their own opinion about corporate life. Analysis of the results has suggested interesting possibilities for improvement that have been translated into specific action plans and follow-up both globally and locally. The second survey of white collar employees conducted in 2010 had the same response rate as the previous one (78%).

Over the last three years, the Company has been transforming its strategy, organisation, processes and managerial structure. This has led to the need to redefine the ways it engages people as well, according to a new logic aimed at determining the level of confidence that employees have in the organisation to identify the variables that render a Company an excellent work environment.

The basic assumption is that excellent work environments are the fruit of the daily relationships of its employees and managers, which are clearly based on trust. The responses given by employees to the questions on the trust index questionnaire will give Pirelli an idea of the organisational culture, as viewed in five dimensions. It derives from the credibility of management itself, the respect accorded to employees and the extent to which they believe they are treated fairly. The level of pride in their organisation, the level of sincerity in relationships and the quality of relationships between employees are other fundamental aspects of an excellent working environment.

The principle that drives the survey and the consequent employee engagement actions resulting from it begin with the premise that the Company can improve its own performance by leveraging and constantly improving the atmosphere of trust in the working environment.

In November 2013 Pirelli launched My Voice, the global company climate survey conducted among all employees for the very first time. Both white and blue collar employees in 34 countries were asked over the course of four weeks to express their own opinion on how they felt at the Company. The survey was conducted in the form of an online questionnaire with 59 questions, available on a dedicated website maintained outside the Company.

Special areas with PCs connected to the interest were set up at the various plants, where blue collar workers were able to go and complete the survey. All employees also had the possibility of filling out the questionnaire from their own PC at home, using the access credentials provided by the Company.

The survey had very high response rates, albeit with a certain degree of variation from country to country: 81% for white collar employees and 57% for blue collar employees. About 70% of the participants in the survey also responded to the open question at the end of the questionnaire. Taken together, these free comments will offer interesting qualitative insights that will facilitate more precise reading and interpretation of the results.

The success of the survey in terms of its overall participation rate was made possible by a series of enabling factors: effective internal communication and active involvement of management and local Human Resources Departments.

It is expected that the results will be returned beginning in March 2014, and their summary will be passed on to all employees over the Company intranet and local internal media reports. Locally dedicated action plans will be prepared on the basis of th e survey results and be implemented over the course of 2014.

Opinion survey di gruppo