Internal communications: international outlook engagement and sharing

targeted and smart information

Internal communication played an important role in 2013, both for the role it played yet again in support of the dissemination and comprehension of corporate strategies and goals, which marked the year and culminated in the new Industrial Plan presented on November 6, 2013, and for the innovations that were introduced, particularly by – and thanks to – the intranet.

Awareness of the Company, communication targeting the business, focus on individuals and internationalisation are the strong points of the strategy and tools implemented in 2013, with a more interdisciplinary objective that aims to reinforce trust and the sense of belonging in the Company.

OnAir: live communication on the intranet

During 2013, the OnAir information and communication channel revised its graphics and contents, accommodating new languages, always keeping pace with the new media, in view of further reducing the distance between what the individual sees in the Company (as an employee) and what he experiences outside the Company (as an individual).

In the final analysis, this objective aims to realise increasingly direct and prompt communication and thus capable of contributing to reinforcement of the sense of trust in which the Company is investing globally. In was this sense that an expanded editorial office for OnAir was created in 2013. Periodic meetings are held with representatives from all corporate departments for continuous and direct updates on events and individuals.

In April OnAir introduced itself to over 10,000 users in the world with a new look and feel. This was done in response to requests from certain users that were received in the form of statistics and through sample surveys. In fact, interaction with employees was the constant theme of OnAir communication in 2013, during which the employees were involved both as “active” users (e.g. through the quick polls) and as protagonists of Company stories. Even the new formats – Faces&Jobs, CartoOnAir’ and From A to Z – have employees directly recount the jobs, numbers and words of Pirelli people. These three columns, which use smart languages (videos with animation and cartoons), have been much appreciated, as demonstrated by the statistics.

While the international editorial offices have continued to feed not only their own local information space (466 country news in 10 languages), but also the shared global news space (68 from the world news), 2013 witnessed the début of OnAir in Italian production plants with special totems set up in the break areas.

The distribution of OnAir content crosses the borders of intranet to feed other channels and tools of communication in various countries. For example, in Brazil a newsletter named No Ar was created, and in Russia cartoons of CartoOnAir have become posters in the factory. In 2014 plans call for continued work on live communication that engages more and more employees in story telling. New formats are on the way, including :Passion, the photographic space dedicated to persons and sharing of ideas and interests,and “Today in the editorial office”, the video feature that narrates Pirelli events and even hosts outside guests.

the house organs in the world: the newstand goes online

The corporate publications (newsletters, house organs, manuals and presentations), both online and hard copy, continue adjusting to comply with the Guidelines issued in 2012. The multitude of foreign magazines started to find a shared space in the section House Organs & Newsletter of OnAir to encourage the sharing of experiences and events in each country.

Beginning with Fatti & Notizie, the magazine distributed to Italian employees, the decision has been made to dedicate increasing attention to the business and factories with targeted articles and dedicated specials, like the one prepared in November 2013 on quality.

world: a transformation

Following a new editorial project, World has transformed into a monographic international magazine that is more oriented to the stakeholders of the Company.

While remaining sensitive to corporate themes, it reflects on topical issues, the relations between Pirelli and the economy, industry, science, the markets and culture, to get into the quick of transformations in the contemporary world, thanks to the contribution of leading personalities in the academic, scientific and cultural world. The frequency of publication is scheduled to change in 2014, from once every six months to once every four months.

programmes for employees and families

In 2013 the monthly meetings of :PBook, the book club at the Bicocca that will continue to meet in 2014, were animated by visits, on three separate occasions, of certain renowned authors, including the mystery writers Gianrico Carofiglio and Maurizio De Giovanni, and the stage actor Alessandro Bergonzoni. In response to strong demand by employees, the Bicocca hosted an open day last September.

brazil: an example of widespread communication

With over 12,000 Company employees and a communications team that was organised and expanded during 2013, Brazil represents an exemplary case for the diffusion of activities. Every working space is reached by a tool: from the canteen (Company TV, personalised placemats, advertising panels) to the factory (periodic meetings between blue collar workers and the Production Manager – Espaço Aberto da Fábrica – new visual communication systems), from the offices (a new newsletter – No Ar – via e-mail) to residences (magazine Giro em casa).

Russia: communication also focuses on families

Russia confirms its position as a strategic country on account of the approximately 3,500 employees who are the targets of numerous communication programmes, which often extend to their families. In addition to the magazine Shinnik, a quarterly publication dedicated to blue collar workers and the quarterly newsletter for white collar employees, soccer tournaments, photography competitions, celebration of employee children who get top grades in school, factory visits by former employees, family days are organised, receiving the enthusiastic approval of everyone.