Welfare and initiatives for the internal community

With the creation of the Group Welfare Manager, the welfare activities that have already been undertaken by the Pirelli Group have gradually been organised and expanded at the local and international level.

For several years now, the Group has been implementing a series of measures in various areas to support its employees, from healthcare to company discount arrangements with various entities, from social to leisure time activities and assistance for families and their children.

At the end of 2011 an ad hoc organisational function was set up – the Group Welfare Manager – with Group level responsibility, confirming the increasing attention dedicated to this issue.

The Company’s initiatives for the Internal Community have always varied from country to country, and address the specific needs that are typical of the various social contexts in which the affiliates operate.

They are aimed at all employees, regardless of whether they are unlimited term, limited term or part-time employees.

Periodic surveys and exchanges of experiences with the management located in different countries has shown that the work/professional services and private/ family services offered to the Internal Community can be broken down into four basic areas of action: health care, the family, leisure time, and work (facility, training, group celebrations).

With regards to celebratory events for employees and their friends and families, as usual the company organised a number of open days on various sites.

In terms of health assistance, Pirelli factories have always had infirmaries, with medical personnel and specialised doctors available for all employees during working hours. These facilities also offer first aid services, advice for health problems not connected to the workplace and health surveillance for any workers exposed to specific risks. The infirmaries also support the various health-related promotional campaigns that are launched on a local level, and prevention campaigns. Once again in 2013, Pirelli offered all its employees the opportunity to be inoculated with the seasonal flu vaccine free of charge.

The programmes offered to employees have been significantly expanded in Italy, and even the services that were already active and present in the Company (company canteen, tax assistance, health care assistance, specialised day hospital, summer holidays and scholarships, shuttle buses, merchant discounts for company employees...) have been communicated in a more organic and structured way and, as such, used more. In this sense, consider the realisation and distribution of the pamphlet Pirelli Plus, a detailed hard copy guide that describes the services and offers available to Pirelli employees, in view of growing reconciliation between personal life and work.

pirelli plus: servizi per i dipendenti

To guarantee ever easier and more immediate access to the welfare services offered by the Company, a special portal was also created in 2013 that all Italian employees can access from the intranet, from special totems set up in the factory or from the comfort of one’s own home. The portal, named Pirelli People Care and that had over 1,350 registered users in January 2014, was created with the intent of bringing together in one space all available welfare services offered and to allow employees fast use in just a few clicks.

The range of services offered in 2013 responds to specific wishes of employees who, after being engaged in specific focus groups at the beginning of the year, identified areas of interest to them for which they asked the Company to take specific actions.

This has given rise to services dedicated to families, such as the possibility of reserving baby sitters, housekeepers, social workers, domestic assistants, personal services such as legal advice, car pooling, and a wide range of merchant discounts for company employees at the local and national level for shopping, free time and health.

Among the services that immediately generated particular among employees was the possibility of purchasing monthly or annual passes for use of public transport and school books at discounted prices through instalment payments deducted from their paychecks and delivery at the Company.

Convinced that welfare activities must first and foremost satisfy the needs of employees and be designed for the direct users, the Welfare Department is committed to monitoring the level of employee satisfaction and constantly receives feedback and reports. For example, the People Care portal contains a section where employees may indicate merchant discounts for company employees that they want to obtain or any other needs.

In response to what was requested by the focus groups and to provide employees with concrete, tangible assistance, a special space named People Care for Bicocca was set up in early 2013 near the company canteen at the Milan headquarters of the Pirelli Group.

Two days a week, during the lunch break, dedicated staff provides laundry, tailoring and postal services on behalf of employees. This is an important and efficient aid that saves employees time.

To promote the new programmes and internally publicise what welfare services are now available, several information counters have been set up. These “Welfare Corners” are found at the Milan headquarters and at the Settimo Torinese plant.

During 2013 special attention was also dedicated to the contribution that the Pirelli Group can make in its daily activities to the socio-economic context in Lombardy.

The various charitable activities that have been set up include the one organised with Citycibo. For years Pirelli has contributed the complete, uneaten meals from its company canteen to this entity years ago, and in 2014 the Group will organise volunteer work by its employees together with that institution.

One of the next goals that the Welfare Manager is already working on is a campaign to raise awareness of preventive health and wellness, so that people can take care of their own physical and mental health at the Company. Even on the international front, welfare activities in 2013 have taken an increasingly leading role in the individual local realities and individual countries where they have been historically located.

These have been communicated internally in a more organic and structured way, made possible largely by the new communication channels that have been created in the meantime.

The welfare experiences accumulated in the individual countries have been collected at Company headquarters, with the aim of initiating a process of structured sharing of internal best practices in 2014.

Two of the most virtuous and original examples found at our non-Italian sites definitely include the establishment of an in-house gym at the Company (e.g. in France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and the United States) and, nearly everywhere, the availability of a Company shuttle. The Smile Campaign organised in Romania is an innovative programme that promotes organisational wellness. Another innovative programme is represented by the choice made by Pirelli Argentina to have interested blue collar workers attend professional technical schools to improve their educational level and develop specific technical skills.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that Pirelli devotes constant and widespread attention to the education of its employees’ children. This is substantiated by the fact that in nearly all countries where the Group operates, the Company partially or fully subsidises the purchase of school books for those children.

Finally, the programme operated by Pirelli China is particularly interesting: it provides fully furnished apartments to newly hired employees who do not originally come from the place where the Company is located.

Moreover, Pirelli tyres have been supplied to employees at heavily discounted prices for years in nearly all countries.